Selling our nettle seeds

One thing that does grow really well here on the farm is nettles. Our moist English Lake District climate and fertile soil seem to make them really shoot up. Some people don’t like nettle plants mainly because they can give a wicked sting to naked flesh. Also there is a perception of them being a bit of a weed. Well Read More

My carbon footprint

So I thought it would be a good idea to work out my family’s carbon footprint. We live a pretty eco lifestyle so it would be helpful to see just where we are on the greenhouse gas emissions scale and if our efforts are really worth it. I headed over to I have no links with the site and Read More

Potato economy

If you live a self sufficient life or aspire to, you will probably end up eating a lot of potatoes. No other vegetable (or grain for that matter) will provide you as many calories per unit area as the humble potato. Easy to grow and ideally suited to moist slightly acidic soils it definitely in my opinion is the top Read More

What is ecosufficiency?

Ecosufficiency is living a good life while caring for the planet. Simple as that. Exactly how you do it is up to you. A good life should afford you shelter, food, family, happiness and fulfilment. If you can supply yourself that while living within the environmental capacity of the Earth then you are ecosufficient. Humans by our nature exploit and Read More