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Grow All You Eat

Your Guide to Self-Sufficiency

From Plant to Plate

By Mark Kidd

Do you want to feed yourself from your land or garden?

Do you hunger for delicious homegrown meals?

Yes, you really can grow all you eat, and enjoy fulfilling, lower-carbon, healthier food.

I will show you how to grow the self-sufficient life you dream of, from what to plant, to recipes for nutritious, tasty dishes. Homegrown food is bursting with flavour, health and provenance. Food you can tell a story about.

How satisfying will it be to cook your own nachos, shape homemade pasta and prove sourdough bread, knowing you’ve grown all the ingredients yourself? I share my favourite simple and nutritious recipes for your fresh, delicious produce.

I live off the land, and my garden is my supermarket.

You, too, can grow all your food sustainably and in harmony with nature. From plant to plate.

130 pages of growing advice and recipes. Printed in the UK on recycled paper.

FREE delivery to the UK. £5 shipping to Countries outside UK.

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4 thoughts on “Grow All You Eat – Paperback”

  1. Hi
    Just watched your videos on TikTok, I’m interested in your water turbine, could you please let me know where I could buy one, Also advice on how to set it up to power my appliances.

    1. You can find the turbine at this link


      I’d recommend the 24v version.

      It has a connector you can connect a hose or pipe to from your water source. It will need enough water flow similar to what you’d get from a kitchen tap to get appreciable power from it. My water comes from a pond overflow higher up the hill.

      Then if you connect the wires from the turbine into a charge controller like this


      Then connect that to a 12v battery (a car battery would work) it will charge the battery. You can then power small 12v lights, phone chargers etc direct from the battery.

  2. I think somebody has hacked that link – it’s sending to a $200 turbine in US which I don’t remember in your vid. Any chance you could write the name or spec please

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