Here are some recommendations for great books that I have found most helpful in my ecosufficient journey. These are Amazon affiliate links and if you buy from clicking these links they send me a little bit of commission. You may be able to get them cheaper second hand from certain auction sites though! Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Book recommendations for self-sufficient and off-grid living.”

  1. Can you explain how to use used solar panels, and how to link them to use the e ergy in the house? We are on grid, but need to reduce bills and woukd want to be using renewable energy
    Many thanks

    1. Hi, I’d really have to recommend using a proper certified installer if you want to connect to a grid tied house. You will need their certificate if you wish to sell your house. Also you may be able to claim a feed in tariff where you sell your excess back to the grid. The installer may be happy to put in used panels but if you are paying him as opposed to doing it yourself the cost difference between new panels and used ones may not be much.

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